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  • Remembering Jerry: Exploring Requirements

    Remembering Jerry: Exploring Requirements It’s been four years since – sadly – Gerald M. “Jerry” Weinberg passed away. Ever since then, I struggled with some public mourning about him, until recently I had just the right idea. On a weekly basis, I will publish a review of a book I read that Jerry either wrote himself or is about some of his work. Today, we are going to take a look at another book Jerry co-authored with Donald C. Gause: Exploring Requirements – Quality Before Design published by Dorset House Publishing in 1989. Don Gause and Jerry Weinberg tackle many perspectives around the gathering of requirements in this book. To be honest, I don’t recall much of it years after reading it. The only exception probably is the mentioning of the Dictum in the Swedish Army: When the map and the territory don’t agree, always believe the territory. I recall that I reached out to Jerry once to find out about the origin of that Dictum to reference it properly. He basically wrote me back that the origin was personal communication, probably with someone from the Swedish Army. Upon re-visiting the table of contents for this review, I start to notice that there is more that I regularly use from this book. Gause and Weinberg describe the difference between the problem space and the solution space. The problem space is the area where much of the domain knowledge stems from, and where a potential problem for a user of your system lies. The solution[…]

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  • How does the Internet work – in simple terms

    Introduction Internet is the backbone of how we mostly communicate today with each other and across the world. One thing… The post How does the Internet work – in simple terms appeared first on Sumon Dey.

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  • Crime Day 2022 – Sketchnotes

    Als langjährige Leserin der Stern Crime Hefte habe ich dieses Jahr zum ersten Mal am Crime Day teilgenommen. Bequem zu Hause vom Sofa aus konnte ich im Livestream einigen spannenden Konversationen lauschen. Die Professionen der Sprecher waren sehr abwechslungsreich – Buchautoren, Rechtsmediziner, Kommissare, Staatsanwälte, Psychiater uvm. waren vertreten. Ich konnte viel mitnehmen und lernen und möchte euch mit meinen Sketchnotes an den Inhalten einiger Talks teilhaben lassen: Alles Böse hat einen Auslöser? Thriller-Autor Wulf Dorn im Gespräch mit der forensischen Psychiaterin Nahlah Saimeh Kriminalistischer Instinkt Antonia Ernst, Staatsanwältin Wenn die Toten sprechen Claas Buschmann, Rechtsmediziner Die dunkle Seele des Mörders … Der Beitrag Crime Day 2022 – Sketchnotes erschien zuerst auf Katjasays.

    26.09.2022 | 7:46 קרא עוד...


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