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  • Five for Friday – March 5, 2021

    Back here for another week. As I mentioned last week, if you would like FfF in your mailbox every week, you can sign up here. The sign-up process feels a bit wonky to me, and I think my early subscribers may be spam bots, but ymmv. Also note that I’m still learning how to use the wordpress plugin I installed to send newsletters, so feedback is appreciated as I continue to tweak. Here’s some stuff I found interesting or worth sharing this week. Given my love of Radical Candor – I pre-ordered Kim Scott’s latest book – Just Work: Get Sh*t Done, Fast & Fair I’ve started to take inventory of the different personality and strength tests I’ve taken. I’ve done MBTI, Insights, Strength Finders, and probably a few others. Two of my favorites are The Working Genius (which I mentioned a few FfFs ago, and one called the Kolbe test – it’s less known, but pretty interesting. Here are my results from when I took it a few years back.This ‘Day in the Life’ post from the Netflix tech blog is really interesting. At least I think so.I found this article on being a senior engineer – or better put, and article on how to get shit done when you have to influence people. It’s 3 years old, but still worth watching.Why I hate the web lesson 137. HTTPWTF Thanks for reading – see you next week. (potentially) related posts: Five for Friday – February 26, 2021 Five for[…]

    5.03.2021 | 11:57 קרא עוד...
  • Test Plan : Is It Mandatory to Create Test Plan?

    In this video, we are going to learn about the Test Plan, Do you really need a Test Plan Or Not ? ✅ Download Mind Map – https://sdet.live/3GKb ✅ What is Test Plan? A Test Plan is a detailed document that describes the test strategy, objectives, ... Read moreTest Plan : Is It Mandatory to Create Test Plan? The post Test Plan : Is It Mandatory to Create Test Plan? appeared first on Software Testing & Automation.

    5.03.2021 | 10:28 קרא עוד...
  • (Almost) everyone’s an AV engineer in the COVID-19 era

    (Almost) everyone’s an AV engineer in the COVID-19 era You can find them everywhere. Hiding among church congregations, lurking in village halls, appearing suddenly at rehearsals, and ever-present in offices around the world. No one gave them this role, and it might not be a job that they want to be doing. Nonetheless, they’ve been here forever and won’t be going away any time soon. I speak not of cleaners, mice or even lawyers. No, I refer to the amateur AV engineer (aka audiovisual engineer). What’s an amateur AV engineer? I’m talking about the people who advance the slides, tweak the sound system or connect the laptop to the projector. The quiet teenager who jumps up to fix a crackling speaker. The village hall volunteer who paid attention to the sound technician’s explanation of the new sound system. The overworked minister who brings his own equipment to under-equipped churches. The funeral attendee – my wife – who hurriedly crafted a Spotify playlist and plugged their phone in when the undertaker had forgotten to bring the right CD. It’s not quite a thankless task, but it’s often something that people notice only when things have gone wrong. The amateur AV engineer probably doesn’t have any real expertise. Rather, they’re the least unqualified person who happens to be in the room at any given moment. My experiences as a reluctant AV engineer I know very little about sound engineering, but I know enough to produce a result that is just about acceptable. I know what to touch (or not touch!) on[…]

    5.03.2021 | 8:07 קרא עוד...


  • אם נתקלת בבאג במקרה... - חפש באגים דומים
    אם נתקלת בבאג במקרה...  - חפש באגים דומים אם נתקלת בבאג במקרה... או שחזרה תקלה מלקוח - חפש באגים דומים, סביר להניח שפיקששת סדרה שלמה של באגים מאותו סגנון. בתרגום חופשי מהמסמך הבא של Cem Kaner.   ראה המסמך בלינק הבא, כמו גם רשימת Checklists נוספים…
    קרא עוד...
  • טיפים לאוטומציה יעילה - Dave McNulla
    טיפים לאוטומציה יעילה -  Dave McNulla במאמר Good Practices For Automating Functional Tests מאת Dave McNulla תמצאו נקודות חשובות ליישום אוטומציה בצורה יעילה. שימו לב כי keyword Driven Testing הינה דרך יעילה להפרדה בין הבדיקה לבין הקוד שעומד מאחוריה, דבר שעוזר לבודקים לכתוב בדיקות במהירות וללא…
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