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  • 5 Things to Read This Week - 06/17/2019

    5 Things to Read This Week - 06/17/2019 5 Things to Read JavaScript Pro Tips - Code This, NOT That Very nice video with good JavaScript tips for beginners Breaking the Test Case Addiction (Part 7) A new blog post on the series where Michael Bolton talks about the taboo of the Test Cases many people have. Here, he suggests how to communicate what was tested, and the findings of the testing, without using Test Cases, changing the focus to more face-to-face conversations. Beware the Inexperienced Automation Team If you consider testing a simple and straightforward, with no need for deep cognitive capacity and knowledge, then, if you want to automate testing (whatever you consider it), you probably don’t need people with extensive experience in coding, correct? I’ve talked a bit about it on 3 Reasons Why Automation Will Not Save You Of Quality, Testing and Other Demons A tester will never be able to “Assure Quality”. Quality is multi-faceted. Here Areti Panou about how a tester can sparkle quality-focus work on team members. Your System is not a Sports Team On how our daily work in a solution can create a bias that removes our focus from the company/team goal to the product itself. Products are tools - and tools should be discarded when they don’t help us to achieve goals.

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  • Romanian Testing Conference 2019 - A Community Experience

    During the last few years I saw tweets about Romanian Testing Conference and felt the wish to experience it myself one time. This year I got my wish fulfilled!Traveling with FriendsTraveling can get really tiresome. I really enjoy my stays at different locations, yet I'm not a big fan of getting there and back again. Therefore I was really happy to share my flight to Cluj-Napoca with three awesome people: Guna Petrova, Andrei Ghinescu and Alex Cusmaru. Lots of nice conversations to get into conference mood!The night of our arrival we had a lovely dinner at a great Japanese restaurant together with even more wonderful people. I got to talk with Sven Kroell and Gina Enache for the first time and really enjoyed our conversations.A Tough Mob, a Learning Challenge and an Amazing DinnerThe first two days were scheduled with workshops. This year the conference offered two options for participants to register for: either they went for full day tutorials, or they signed up for three 2 hour workshops in a row. My session had been selected for the latter. This was an interesting format as I could not tell whether participants really wanted to join my session or just the other two. I'd like to think they got intrigued by the whole package. The good thing for me was that I was up first, I could join the other two workshops as well, and then I could relax and focus on my own learning during the next days.My workshop was a mob testing session: "Mobservations[…]

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  • Monday Musings

    Monday Musings After an extended period of laziness hiatus, Monday Musings is back! We’ll see how long I can keep it going for this time… 🙂 I’ll be spending some time over...

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  • אם לא תנסו - לא תצליחו
    אם לא תנסו - לא תצליחו אם לא תנסו - לא תצליחו או במילותיו של הומר סימפסון: הניסיון הוא הצעד הראשון לקראת כישלון :-)
    קרא עוד...
  • מבט טרי מביא באגים טריים
    מבט טרי מביא באגים טריים מבט טרי מביא באגים טריים באופן טבעי אנו כבודקים מתמחים בעבודה עם המוצר שאותו אנו בודקים, בהרבה מקרים זהו יתרון (אנו יכולים לזהות בעיות, לעבוד מהר יותר וכן הלאה), אך לעיתים זהו חיסרון – אנו מפתחים…
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