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נושא Free download - Software Testing Books

Free download - Software Testing Books 29 אוק 2013 19:39 #985

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Free download - Software Testing Books
I published the first book on 16th Oct 2011 and till yesterday, I have sold more books than I initially expected to sell. So, thanks a lot.

And I did realize that many testers are still hesitant to pay 800 INR on testing books.
So, here is the deal:

Feel free to download the books for free.
Book 1: What If: A collection of tips from a software tester
Book 2: What If: 50+ tips to win testing contests
Book 3: What If: 50+ tips to boost your productivity
Book 4: What If: 50+ tips to improve tester-programmer relationship
Book 5: Mobile Testing: Ready Reckoner
Book 6: UI and UX Testing: Ready Reckoner

I don't want to upload a zip file and let it lie unzipped for months together.
I am aware of the risk that some of you might download and not read it any time as it is free.
This post is for those who wished to buy but cannot afford it at this moment.

Best Wishes
Ajay Balamurugadas
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