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  • Let’s Test 2019 - Africa Speaks

    Let’s Test 2019 - Africa Speaks A journey to Let’s Test South AfricaIn Africa the Big Five game animals are the lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant, and Cape buffalo. (from Wikipedia) All these are large animals. Large was my desire of speaking and teaching at conferences this year.The past 11 month of this year were very bumpy and rocky. 12 submissions - 11 rejections. This was very frustrating. I’ve put so much energy in all the papers I wrote, even had reviewed them from close friends. But it looked like my topics didn’t fit in anywhere. There where moments where I got very emotional about the feedback I received from the reviewers. Seeing workshops getting accepted from others at the very same conference on the same topic is hard and made me thinking. But I understand, reviewing abstracts and deciding which ones make it onto a program and which not, is not an easy task. But at the end let’s be honest: Putting together a conference program is like setting up the stage for a rock open-air concert, you have to have the big names on your flyer in order to sell tickets.So there are usually just a very few places left for “newcomers” or “exotic topics”. But not everything broke down. Far away in the land of the cradle of humankind lay my last hope for this year. Sometimes you win sometimes you lose. After taking several batterings in a row, I’m super happy and excited to announce that I’ll be speaking at @LetsTest_Conf SA this[…]

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  • What is Functional Testing in Software Testing?

    In layman terms, functional testing is done to test the functions of the component or system. Here, functional testing refers to the activities that verify a specific action or function of the code. Functional Testing also aims to answer the questions like “can the user do this?” or “how does this particular feature work?”  The functional testing techniques are often based on the specifications or requirements of the software. There are two main perspectives in which functional testing can be done, these are  Requirement Based Testing – In this type of testing, the main priority is given to the requirements, depending on the risk criteria and accordingly the tests are prioritized. This will make sure that even the most important and critical tests are also included in the testing process.  Business Process Based Testing – This type of testing discusses the day to day business use of the system and introduces test techniques to validate the use of system in an environment similar to that. This type of testing uses the techniques that are based on the knowledge of business processes. For instance, consider a personal joining a company. The payroll system will have the business process along the lines of the personal, i.e. paying the employee on the regular basis until the employee finally leaves the company. The post What is Functional Testing in Software Testing? appeared first on Testing Guru.

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  • C# Advent Calendar 2019 – Refactoring RestSharp Sample Tests to Make Them More Maintainable

    I’m excited to participate in the third C# Advent Calendar (my 2017 post was on combining UI and API automation with RestSharp and Selenium, and my 2018 post was about using the NUnit TestCaseData feature with your RestSharp tests to put a ton of tests in one) – you can check out the rest of the C# Advent Calendar for 2019 here: https://crosscuttingconcerns.com/The-Third-Annual-csharp-Advent. This time, I wanted to refactor some of the sample tests I have out there, using RestSharp and NUnit (such as these posts). These are great one-off examples of API tests you can write, but when you add a few of them together, you start getting an unmaintainable mess that violates a lot of software design principles. Having test code that doesn’t meet the same design principles and practices as production code makes it easier to dismiss as “not real code”, when in fact it’s all code and it’s all important! We’ll be working with the same codebase as most of my other examples, more specifically the RestSharp branch of the API tests (here: https://github.com/g33klady/TodoApiSample/blob/RestSharp/TodoApiTests/TodoIntegrationTests.cs). I’ll provide snippets below of a few tests that we’ll refactor so you don’t need to refer to the repo, but for completeness there’s the link! Let’s look at what we’re starting with (from the link above, minus a few tests to keep it simple): using NUnit.Framework; using RestSharp; using System; using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using TodoApi.Models; namespace TodoApiTests { [TestFixture] public class TodoIntegrationTests { private static string _baseUrl; [OneTimeSetUp] public void TestClassInitialize() {[…]

    15.12.2019 | 8:01 קרא עוד...


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