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  • The Quality Activist Manifesto – Fighting Ignorance and Attacking Risk in Software Development

    The Quality Activist Manifesto – Fighting Ignorance and Attacking Risk in Software Development I’ve been describing myself as a Quality Activist for some years now, and thought it was about time I set down some principles of how I work. The language may be strong, but the intent is hopefully very clear – that by smashing the image of the “wallflower tester” we help our teams build better software, by bringing a punk attitude to the conventions of software we make our users’ lives better, and by refusing to accept a “Dev Jr” designation in the process but instead demonstrating the wide and varied value of the tester role we demonstrate the increasing relevance and importance of quality focused individuals in software development. The Quality Activist Manifesto We fight for the user, and believe in the fundamental importance of software quality in our users’ lives. We defy process and convention in pursuit of software which satisfies both the needs and desires of our users. We destroy problems as soon as possible, before they have a chance of ruining our users’ day. We believe that by exposing doubt, smashing silos and throwing ourselves into the unknown, we drive teams to make better decisions. We are dedicated to destroying ignorance, attacking risk, championing awareness and kicking down doors in pursuit of satisfied users. Activism is the best adjective I have to describe the role of the passionate, empowered and self-confident tester, actively promoting quality-mindedness in their teams (and environment) and refusing to accept information at face value. Activism is about changing attitudes, affecting cultural or[…]

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  • What is Static Testing Technique?

    Static Testing technique in software testing refers to the testing process in which the software work products are tested manually or maybe with the help of a set of testing tools. However, in static testing, the software code is not executed. Since, the code is not executed in this testing process, there are no changes made to the code of the software and hence, the term static testing.  Given below are a few important points about static testing technique that every software tester should know about  Static testing technique refers to the testing of the software work products manually, or using a set of tools, but they are not at all executed  Static testing starts early in the software development life cycle and so, it is usually performed during the process of verification  The best part about static testing is that it does not need a computer to conduct it since the testing of the program is done without executing the software program. For example, reviewing, walkthrough, inspection, etc.  Most of the static testing techniques can be used to test almost any form of the project document, which includes source code, design documents and models, functional specifications and also requirement specifications as well. The post What is Static Testing Technique? appeared first on Testing Guru.

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  • The Copy+Paste Culture

    The Copy+Paste Culture Many companies I’ve been at are in a race to see how much like Spotify they can be and apply concepts of Chapters and Guilds. What I routinely see is companies get this bit wrong. Particularly around so-called “quality guilds.” So let’s talk about this. Wait! What’s wrong with Spotify? Nothing is wrong with them at all. What they do no doubt works great … for Spotify. But many companies have been in a rush to “copy+paste” what is called the “Spotify model.” Yet as some have pointed out, doing so misses the point about the Spotify engineering culture. Others have argued that you should not just copy the Spotify model. Others have argued that you should be inspired by the model but not to the point of copying it. There have been cautionary notes for years about this, including from Spotify. So why are companies simply copying the Spotify model? This is allegedly in service to better getting products out the door that add value by tailoring the development process to match what Spotify does. Getting products out the door that add value is a quality concern. As such the “model” used to do such is very much a concern of testers. Or should be. But, with some exceptions, I rarely see testers talking about this aspect. Why is that? Well, the most likely reason is that testers simply don’t see this as within their purview. But I do think there’s potentially something a bit more pernicious at work.[…]

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    צור מפת חשיבה – Mind Map  צור מפת חשיבה – Mind Map MM - מאפשרת לנו להציג רעיונות בצורה גרפית מרוכזת, ולתאר קשרים בין הפרמטרים השונים המשפיעים על הנושא. כאשר יתרונותיה על עץ בדיקות הנן בעיקר ביכולת להוסיף אייקונים וצבעים המשפרים את…
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    חשוב לנתח באגים שהתגלו ע"י הלקוח חשוב לנתח באגים שהתגלו ע"י הלקוח בכדי להבין למה לא נמצאו הבאגים האלו לפני ששוחרר המוצר, כמו גם - מהיכן נבע הבאג מלכתחילה.   אין כאן תהליך של חיפוש אשמים - אלא תהליך של ארגון לומד…
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