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חדשות מעולם הבדיקות

  • Test data and masking

    For large enterprises with many interconnected applications, generating test data can be a challenge. Even more so for big data projects, which is where masking comes in.. Take a copy of production DB from different products around the same timeline and mask the data for GDPR compliance. Surely easier said than done, but can be very effective. IMHO three main requirements to build this: 1. A quick guideline to identify what data will be classified as ‘sensitive’ and ensure it’s GDPR compliant. 2. A masking platform which masks value the same way across, helping with consistent data 3. Creation and usage of test environments is efficient and fit for purpose #RedefiningSoftwareQuality #TestData #Automation The post Test data and masking appeared first on Quality Spectrum.

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  • Your Future Self Will Thank You

    Your Future Self Will Thank You Recently I learned a lesson about the importance of keeping good records.  I've always kept records of what tests I ran and whether they passed, but I have now learned that there's something else I should be recording.  Read the story below to find out what it is!I have mentioned in previous posts that I've been testing a file system.  The metadata used to access the files are stored in a non-relational database.  As I described in this post, non-relational databases store their data in document form rather than in the table form found in SQL databases.Several months ago, my team made a change to the metadata for our files. After deploying the change, we discovered that older files weren't able to be downloaded.  It turned out that the change to the metadata had resulted in older files not being recognized, because their metadata was different.  The bug was fixed, so now the change was backwards-compatible with the older files.I added a new test to our smoke test suite that would request a file with the old metadata. Now, I thought, if a change was ever made that would affect that area, the test would fail and the problem would be detected.A few weeks ago, my team made another change to the metadata.  The code was deployed to the test environment, and shortly afterwards, someone discovered that there were files that couldn't be downloaded anymore.I was perplexed!  Didn't we already have a test for this?  When I met with the[…]

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  • Accessibility Book Review: Inclusive Components by Heydon Pickering

    Accessibility Book Review: Inclusive Components by Heydon Pickering This book’s subtitle of, ‘Accessible web interfaces, piece by piece’ is almost the perfect descriptor as it really does do what it says on the tin.  Want to build an accessible tooltip?  This has step by step instructions with code examples and design renderings to not only show you what to do but show what it ‘should’ look like. There is plenty covered throughout the book and it is very easy to digest, even for someone who only reads code rather than writes it.  I’ve put some of the chapters included in the book below to give you a flavour of what to expect.  There’s even more under some of the headings with checkboxes and radio buttons included under Toggle Buttons as an example. Chapters include; Toggle Buttons Menus and Menu Buttons Collapsible Sections A Content Slider Data Tables Each chapter has a Conclusion summarising the content and a Checklist for those that have read and want a quick check or refresher.  These were particularly useful for me to help confirm my thoughts and I see no reason they wouldn’t do the same for someone with a more in-depth coding background.  In summary, this is a great book for anyone associated with web development or indeed design.  Like anything to do with software the examples given is not the only way to achieve accessible components and updates like HTML5 may render some of the recommendations redundant but that doesn’t stop me recommending it.  While the book was provided free to[…]

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