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  • Jimmy Bogard: Refactoring Towards Resilience: Process Manager Solution

    Other posts in this series:read more

    27.02.2017 | 3:30 קרא עוד...
  • Telerik TestStudio: Introducing Fiddler for OS X Beta 1

    Over the years, we have received numerous requests from our user community to provide a Fiddler build for OS X. So we have ported the latest version of Fiddler to the Mono Framework which in turn supports OS X—and you can grab the beta bits today. 2016-10-17T13:49:40Z 2017-02-27T17:00:08Z Tsviatko Yovtchev

    27.02.2017 | 11:20 קרא עוד...
  • dynaTrace Blog on Performance, Scalabilty and Architecture: Inside the black box Part 2 – Python

    This is the second topic of the “Black Box” series, bringing us to Python. For people interested in Part One, generated code, please click here. In this post I’ll go through how to take a simple Python script and instrument it using the AppMon Native ADK. I will also shed some light on the most common pitfall when instrumenting Python scripts and how you might be able to work around it.read more

    27.02.2017 | 10:06 קרא עוד...
  • Sonatype Blog : From a Commodore 64 to DevSecOps

    We all know the story: a farm, a kid, a Commodore 64, and a modem maxing out at 300 bps. A few unexpected phone bills later, and young Ian Allison is figuring out how to game the system so he can keep using his newfound  gateway to the world of tech.read more

    27.02.2017 | 8:49 קרא עוד...
  • Software Testing Magazine: Commercial and Open Source JMeter Plugins

    The Apache JMeter is an open source load testing tool that can be used to test performance both on static and dynamic resources. It can be used to simulate a heavy load on a server and also some functional testing. JMeter has an open architecture that can be extended with plugins. The goal of the JMeter plugins is to extend its functionality with graphs, load delivery controllers and other function that are not present in the core features. This article presents a list of open source and commercial JMeter plugins. If you want to add a tool to this page, just let us now.read more

    27.02.2017 | 2:00 קרא עוד...
  • thekua.com@work: Reflecting on the Tech Lead Skills for Developers Course in Brazil

    Earlier this month, I visited our Brazilian offices to run some internal training, called Tech Lead Skills for Developers. The trip felt a bit full circle as I had visited Brazil several years ago for the same reason and needed to develop the material. Instead of the handful of people I coached, I ran two full classes with a mix of people currently playing the Tech Lead role and those who might be stepping into the role. read more

    26.02.2017 | 8:33 קרא עוד...


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