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  • Aedificamus: Day One, some #HealthyTech30 Action :)

    Aedificamus: Day One, some #HealthyTech30 Action :) I want to say thanks to Saron Yitbarek for kicking off this idea.She suggested on Twitter (see hashtag #HealthyTech30) that we should check-in and report on things we are doing to help us be active and eat healthy because tech workers often just sit all day. I wanna do a challenge to be more healthy + active, especially for tech folks since our jobs tend to be pretty sedentary. Challenge is:1) do something active for 15 mins 2) eat/drink something healthyEvery day for 30 days. Starts tmrw. Comment if you’re in! #HealthyTech30 — Saron (@saronyitbarek) October 22, 2019 To that end, I'm happy to kick this process off with the following: 1. My "Rebounding Workstation"This is an interesting arrangement I came up with a few months ago so that I could have a standing workstation and add some movement to it. I have been a fan of using rebounding with various video games for years but a few months ago I decided to have a look at my work arrangement and see if I could work the benefits of rebounding. For those unfamiliar with what rebounding is, it's a miniature trampoline and the person using it can do everything from gently bounce on it to more aggressive jumping and running, as well as various balancing movements. Another nice benefit of having a rebounder is that it acts as a bit of a pump for the lymphatic system and it also helps with circulation. As a person with a serious bone-break[…]

    23.10.2019 | 12:57 קרא עוד...
  • Definition of flaky tests

    Anyone who has written automation scripts has faced flakiness, and we all hate it to our bone. But everyone defines a flaky test a bit differently.. For me, a flaky test definition could be “a test running multiple times under the same conditions gives different results” How would you define flakiness? #QsDaily #automation #flakytests

    23.10.2019 | 9:44 קרא עוד...
  • EuroSTAR workshop: Planning and Testing your releases

    The last year became aware of a growing ‘flying shame’. Did you hear other people apologize that they take a flight or maybe you yourself searched for alternatives that are more environmentally friendly…. I used this setting for a new case: “The green traveler.”  I will use this case as basis for my workshop at the EuroSTAR conference this year. In the “Planning and Testing your releases” workshop we will prioritise our backlog, divine valuable releases and make a roadmap. See more details on the conference website.

    23.10.2019 | 8:06 קרא עוד...


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