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TenKod EZ TestApp - Mobile Apps Testing

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ראשון, 24 אוגוסט 2014 04:49
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I'm extremely excited to announce the public availability of TenKod's EZ TestApp 3.0 – the revolutionary Mobile Application Testing solution is out today.

Our ongoing dedication to innovation, together with the hands on experience and challenges we have gained over the years in the test automation arena, has enabled us to deliver the best of breed testing solution which optimizes user experience, while exceeding industry standards. EZ TestApp 3.0 is a product of how we've been imagining mobile test automation solutions should be.

EZ TestApp has proven to be a huge success in reducing the mobile development and testing efforts and delivery cycle times for our customers. The feedback from our users' community – developers and testers. All emphasized this is the best product they have used incorporating all their requirements to shorten the development cycle process to release a high quality product

EZ TestAppEZ TestApp fits seamlessly within our customers' existing development and testing landscapes, and makes tedious automation tasks a breeze. The ultimate goal of EZ TestApp is to create a flawless and simple mobile testing experience from start to finish, independent from the mobile platform.

You are warmly invited to download our free trial version, enjoy the new innovative solution for mobile application testing development solution.

TenKod was founded by a group of developers and quality professionals with a passion for software testing. Our combined decades of experience in innovating and implementing test software platforms, test frameworks and continuous integration solutions across different organization sizes, have paved the way for this day in which we release to the world the best mobile test automation solution, EZ TestApp.

We believe that success derives from our focus on innovation and execution. Innovation to us means doing things better and smarter. It means making the most out of our resources, empowering people to do what they do best and utilizing the power of diverse ideas to overcome challenges, and last but not least to be attentive to our community, use your important feedback. All of the above provide the best of breed solution we released today – TenKod EZ TestApp.

We are here to make the life of Mobile Apps developers and testers better!

Mobile Apps developers seek to do more with less, you will find a partner in TenKod. Our products will help you manage your development and test efforts of mobile applications across the enterprise and in the public, private and hybrid clouds.

We intend to keep on innovating and executing, and update you along the road about our progress.

Talk to you soon and I invite you to join our community.

Asaf Saar,
TenKod CEO



TenKod Mobile Application Testing EZ TestApp

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