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  • How people think programming looks vs how it really looks

    Source: Reddit The post How people think programming looks vs how it really looks appeared first on The Life Of One Man.

    9.12.2019 | 4:02 קרא עוד...
  • 7 Great Reasons to Write Detailed Test Cases

    7 Great Reasons to Write Detailed Test Cases Let’s face it, writing detailed test cases takes a lot of time and effort.  As a tester, I know this is very tedious work.  However, I know first hand there are some tremendous benefits that far outweigh the time involved.  It certainly is not easy, but if planned out properly can be done extremely efficiently.  You will probably get some push back in certain areas and using certain methodologies but it is extremely important in my opinion.  Agile for example, is not in favor over detailed documentation.     Here are 7 Great Reasons to Write Detailed Test Cases Planning :  It is important to write detailed test cases because it helps you to think through what needs to be tested. Writing detailed test cases takes planning.   That planning will result in accelerating the testing timeline and identifying more defects.  You need to be able to organize your testing in a way that is most optimal.  Documenting all the different flows and combinations will help you identify potential areas that might otherwise be missed. Offshore:  If you have an offshore team, you know how challenging that can be.  It is really important to write everything out in detail when you communicate offshore so that everyone understands.   It is critical to write detailed test cases is no different.   Without those details, the offshore team will really struggle to understand what needs to be tested.  Getting clarifications on a test case can often take a few days of back[…]

    9.12.2019 | 2:27 קרא עוד...
  • Impostor syndrome and the programmer’s brain

    Impostor syndrome and the programmer’s brain Introduction Impostor syndrome is where you feel that you are in a position that you don’t deserve because you’re not good enough at something, in contrast to everyone around you who all seem to be good enough, and one of these days someone will discover you to be the fraud or impostor that you really are.  I’ve felt it, and I know of many other programmers who also have.  It can happen despite evidence that you are good enough, and it’s this part that I want to explore in this article. Digression to pre-history If you’re like me, you sometimes get mildly annoyed when someone tries to justify their argument by referring back to pre-historic times and what people must have done to survive.  I find this mildly annoying because this is often done lazily – without any evidence or decent reasoning to show that such a claim is in any way valid, and hence the main argument is also valid. Well, that’s exactly what I’m going to do now – sorry.  Imagine one of our pre-historic ancestors waking up, going to the mouth of their cave and looking around.  Pretend that there are two possible kinds of reaction this ancestor has to looking around. In the first case, the ancestor goes “Wow!  There’s a big oak tree!  Amazing!  Next to it is an elm sapling!  Incredible!  Next to that is a gorse bush!  Look!  Behind the oak there’s a wolf!” In the other case, the ancestor sees the same[…]

    9.12.2019 | 12:40 קרא עוד...


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