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  • What I Read Last Week (17th November 2019)

    This week, the program for the OnlineTestConf was announced. This will take place on the 3rd and 4th of December and all talks are free to watch. I’m especially excited to see that there will be a talk about Women in Testing. This talk will be by Lisa Crispin, Lena Wiberg and Alex Schladebeck. I gave my very first talk at the OnlineTestConf. It was a lightning talk at the Spring 2018 conference. My chosen topic, Women In Testing. I enjoyed giving the talk so much that I decided I wanted to try conference speaking again. I submitted abstracts to several conferences, and was accepted to speak at the Fall 2018 OnlineTestConf. I gave my second talk, this time a full 45 minute talk, on getting value out of test automation. This then led to 3 more conference talks, 2 meetup talks and several lightning talks which I gave earlier this year. The fact that the OnlineTestConf talks are free to watch and recorded, makes the entire event more inclusive and diverse. If you attend a conference in London, the majority of attendees will be from the UK. With the OnlineTestConf, there are people watching the talks from all over the world, and the discussion of each talk continues on the slack channel that is set up. I really look forward to this event next month. Articles and Blogs A Very Different Conference Experience – The Rocker TesterThe rocker tester provided an interesting comparison between software testing conferences and the[…]

    17.11.2019 | 3:46 קרא עוד...
  • Tweaking My Workshop Accessibility

    During the Speakers Dinner of Agile Testing Days 2019 I told Abby Bangser about my attempts to make my workshop accessible. “It is even possible to add alternative text to images in PowerPoint. If you click on the image, there are several tabs. One tab contains Alternative text. [ … ] Don’t forget the exclamation … Continue reading Tweaking My Workshop Accessibility →

    17.11.2019 | 11:34 קרא עוד...
  • Code Like a Developer...

    Code Like a Developer... I'll be honest: I don't love coding.  Don't get me wrong, I love test automation!  I love the feeling of solving a technical challenge and coming up with a great way to automatically assert that software is doing what it's supposed to be doing.  I love maintaining and updating my automated test suites.  But the actual writing of the code is not my favorite thing.  Whenever I find myself having to write another nested "for" loop, I sigh inwardly.However, with all the coding I've done over the years, I've come to really appreciate the work that software developers do!  Software is complex stuff, and developers have come up with great ways to set standards, share repositories, and review each other's work.The test automation code we write is important; just as important as the code the software developers are writing.  Therefore, we should write our code with the same standards the developers use.  Here are a few suggestions for coding practices you should adopt:Your code should live in the same repository as the developers' code.This is for a few reasons: first, the developers' unit tests reside with the code, so it makes sense to have your integration and UI tests in the same place.  Secondly, it's easier to maintain one repository instead of two; and finally, having your code in the same place serves to remind the whole team that test automation is everyone's responsibility.  Write clean code.When I first got started with test automation, I had absolutely no idea what I[…]

    16.11.2019 | 9:47 קרא עוד...


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