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חדשות מעולם הבדיקות

  • 2019/11/12 Running my first Community of Practice kick-off workshop (Part 2)

    2019/11/12 Running my first Community of Practice kick-off workshop (Part 2) Following on from my last post, I will cover the next session I had for getting our CoP setup, which was agreeing how we will work together. This was split into two activities – Creating our principles (how we do what we do), and creating our values (why we do what we do). Starting with a negative Rather than agreeing how we did want to work together, I used the commendation to look at anti-patterns, and as a group think of what are the WORST behaviours. The list of worst behaviours were: Unnecessary info Other work distractions (eg: Laptops) Dwindling numbers / lack of attendance Arguments Going too far off topic Lack of interest / interaction Sessions are irrelevant Everyone talking at once Dismissive of others opinions / points of view Always on the same day Inflexible CoP dates/times No team interaction People showing no interest in session No cross questions Not allowing the CoP presenter to deliver (eg: Interrupting mid-flow) Next, everyone was challenged to how we could solve the worst behaviours, with how we will behave instead. The idea is that by knowing what you don’t want to happen, you can come up with prevention’s of it in advance, rather than questioning if something wasn’t right, and what to do about it. The list of behaviours that community members are to follow are: Establish ground rules (No laptops/phone calls, unless pre-agreed) Schedule sessions on different days to allow WFH days to be accommodated Have designated Q&A to avoid[…]

    12.11.2019 | 2:00 קרא עוד...
  • Speaking at the DevOps & Agile Testing Summit – 8Nov’19, Bangalore

    I was invited to speak at the DevOps and Agile testing Summit organised and conducted by 1.21GWs on 8th Nov 2019 at Bangalore. It was a great event which brought together many keen minds as delegates and many inspiring speakers. https://1point21gws.com/devops/bangalore/ My talk was on “The Building Blocks of a Robust Test Automation Strategy”. As […]

    12.11.2019 | 1:03 קרא עוד...
  • Five Blogs – 12 November 2019

    The (best) five blogs I read today. Check them out. How to combine Behavior Driven Development and Scrum Written by: Albert Starreveld From a newbie to a test automation rock star, vol. 2 Written by: Tihomir Babić So you want to Automate? Part II – Let’s talk automation Written by: Maciej Wyrodek Defining Exit Criteria for All Stages of Your Agile Project Written by: Nishi Grover Garg Focus on what was “Done” during Sprint Review Written by: Jesse Houwing Quote of the day: “Certain kinds of knowledge rob people of their sleep” -Haruki Murakami You can follow this page on Twitter

    12.11.2019 | 12:34 קרא עוד...


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