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  • What Have I Learned from Running?

    What Have I Learned from Running? Back in December 2014, when I took part in the Liverpool Santa Dash 5k, I thought running would be a one-off experience. Looking back now in hindsight, this was the beginning of something new and fulfilling, that would become a major part of my life. It was not until January 2016, that I took up running as a hobby. This was because I wanted to do something different for a New Year’s resolution, and to improve my fitness. Initially I would go for a run once a week. However, I was quickly bitten by the running bug, and was soon covering longer distances, as I was consumed by my growing enthusiasm for running. This led to me to running the 2016 Scouse 5k for charity, where I raised £980 for Maghull Young Adults Social Club, for young adults with autism like myself. I have since gone further by running in longer events in Liverpool, Port Sunlight, Hoylake, and Southport, culminating in running the 2018 BTR Liverpool Half-Marathon for the first time, which was a great experience, despite completing the race with an injury. In simple terms, outdoor running has forced me to push myself out of my comfort zone and has also taught me more about myself, than I could possibly have imagined previously. My life has changed considerably since taking up running. Apart from getting physically fitter and stronger, it has given me plenty of self-confidence, in addition to having something in common with other enthusiasts, and it gets[…]

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  • Webinar Recording about Mobile Testing is Online

    Last week, I gave a webinar together with Applause about the topic 8 BEST PRACTICES FÜR DAS TESTEN MOBILER APPS in german. If you missed the webinar last week, you can now watch the recording of it here. If you have feedback or questions to the webinar, let me now on twitter. https://go.applause.com/de-webinar-8bestpractices-mobiletesting.html Enjoy the recording and #HappyTesting The post Webinar Recording about Mobile Testing is Online appeared first on Adventures in QA.

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  • Testing is not about Test Automation

    Testing is not about Test Automation I recently attended a webinar by Louise Gibbs ( ,Huib Schoots ( While test automation is really important, I feel that there is this common misconception that testing is all about test automation nowadays. For example, if you know how to write automated UI tests, then some will think that you are a testing expert already. Testing is more than writing automated tests. It's also about risk assessment, engaging with other members of the team so you can offer suggestions on how to improve work processes, championing quality throughout the development lifecycle and doing other activities such as exploratory or accessibility testing. You can use all the different test automation tools available but at the end, if you are just simply automating tests as part of your testing strategy, then you are not fully testing. There is definitely a big push for us to continuously adapt and while it's true that there is more room for people with test automation experience, I personally believe that companies should not just look for someone who can write tests. Anyone can write the tests if they learn a framework but it takes a different mindset to be skilled at testing. The important bugs are the ones caught by doing a thorough exploratory testing of the application because these are the unknown and not covered by any automated tests that you have. Humans will never be replaced by machines (unless we are in a Black Mirror episode). ,Edit: Someone from LinkedIn has kindly pointed[…]

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