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  • Applitools: Modernising the way we do Test Automation

    Recently, I participated in a coding hackathon called Applitools Visual AI Rockstar Hackathon. The idea is to write two set of tests for this demo app with the first set using existing automation frameworks such as Selenium, WebdriverIO and Cypress and the second set of tests using Applitools AI SDK. By combining Applitools with your functional testing framework, the goal of this hackathon was to highlight the efficiency of combining visual validations with functional tests. Firstly, what is Applitools? Applitools is a software testing platform which uses visual AI to compare images like a human eyes would. Traditionally, when you write an automated tests for a Login application and you want to verify that it has the correct fields, labels and buttons, you will need to write assertions for each of the element that you want to verify. Looking at the code snippet above, the only browser action that I really did was to visit the login page. The rest are all assertions. The problem with this is that if any of the selectors changed, your automated test will also fail. Also, if new changes are introduced (e.g. social media links removed from the login page), your automated test will also fail! The level of maintaining this test is very high which can prevent you from doing other important QA related stuff. This was definitely true when I did the hackathon. While writing this test, I kept thinking to myself "how many more selectors do I need to copy and[…]

    18.11.2019 | 5:24 קרא עוד...
  • OnlineTestConf – Fall 2019

    The time has come for my favorite software testing conference – the Online Test Conf. This is a 2 day even that takes place on 3rd and 4th December 2019. This event is 100% online and free to ‘attend’. Sign up here to watch the next conference and connect with other testers around the world. Here are a few talks that I’m looking forward to: A Modern Tester with Scrum Master Hat by Ana Maria Popa For the New Tester: Future Proofing Your Career by Michael Bolton Adidas Testing Platform: A transformation storyby Jose Manuel Sampayo Empowering women in testingby Lisa Crispin, Lena Wiberg and Alex Schladebeck  Past events Can’t wait to watch any of the talks? Don’t worry, all OnlineTestConf talks are recorded and can be watched at a later date. This includes all talks from previous conferences. Here are a few of my favorites from previous years: Testing your Metal, Drawing Parallels between Testing and Heavy Musicby Paul Grizzaffi (Spring 2018) If Universities won’t help us, how do we #MakeATester?by Simon Prior (Spring 2018) Testing for cognitive bias in AIby Peter Varhol (Fall 2018) Challenges and lessons learned when adopting testing as part of the team cultureby Claudia Badell (Fall 2018) 7 questions test managers are afraid to askby Joel Montvelisky (Spring 2019) One thing I will always be grateful to the OnlineTestConf for is giving me a chance at public speaking. My very first talk was a lightning talk at the Spring 2018 conference. This gave me[…]

    18.11.2019 | 3:30 קרא עוד...
  • Meme of the day: When you get asked to test a feature without notes

    The post Meme of the day: When you get asked to test a feature without notes appeared first on The Life Of One Man.

    18.11.2019 | 2:29 קרא עוד...


  • הכירו את לקוחותיכם
    הכירו את לקוחותיכם הכירו את לקוחותיכם "הכירו את לקוחותיכם" למרות שמשפט זה נשמע דיי טריוויאלי והרי אנו כבודקים אמורים לדעת כי "אנו מייצגים את הלקוח בפני הארגון" הרי שבמרבית המקרים יש עוד הרבה מה לעשות ולשפר בנושא. האמת היא…
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  • לבדוק או לא לבדוק? - זאת השאלה
    לבדוק או לא לבדוק? - זאת השאלה לבדוק או לא לבדוק - זאת השאלה לא תמיד צריך לבצע כל בדיקה עליה חשבנו או אותה תכננו, ועלינו תמיד לשקול עלות מול תועלת, שהרי ככל שעבודת הבדיקות מתארכת – כך גם יתעכב תאריך שחרור הגרסה…
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