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  • Five Blogs – 1 December 2020

    The (best) five blogs we can read today. Check them out. What Are the Uses for a Vulnerability Scanner? Written by: Jordan MacAvoy 10 testing scenarios you should never automate with Selenium Written by: Nikolay Advolodkin How to Earn Credibility Written by: Frank Sonnenberg Innovation Isn’t Just About What You Know, It’s About Who You Talk To Written by: Greg Satell 4 Ways Your Predictability Drives Strong Performance Written by: Scott Cochrane Quote of the day: “Although the world is full of suffering it’s also full of overcoming it” -Helen Keller You can follow this page on Twitter

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  • Hmms: November

    Hmms: November Monthly collection of things that got me thinking hmming. Awards and reportsTime for ThoughtWorks Technology Radar. One of the themes is democratizing programming which is tightly coupled with democratization of APIs I mentioned in the last hmms. The 2020 state of DevOps report is there! I haven’t even read it yet =) This year was the first time I attended DevPortal Awards. While there is a certain feeling of being too narrow (seriously, handful of portals getting several awards for several years?), it’s still useful for getting inspirations apart from usual “check Stripe docs!” In non-tech world, the Inglehart-Welzel World Cultural Map is all rad. There is no data point for Canada at the moment, but I’d guesstimate somewhere close to Great Britain and New Zealand. The most valuable thing is checking the dynamics between current and previous maps. For example, most of the red zone countries moved right, but the jump made by Belarus and Ukraine was bigger than by Russia; this seems to correlate with political and social events I know. Helpful guides A guide to threat modelling for developers Don’t compare averages How to answer questions in a helpful way The Good Docs Project with templates to make good docs. Weird recommendationWatch this playlist (3 videos at the time of writing). You may think “wtf, Yuliya, this is some bullshit video game essays”. Yes, it is. But it is also one of the best videos explaining modern testing principles, agile, and lean. Damn, this could be on[…]

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  • Nice writeup!

    Nice writeup!Question on multiple configurations, do you have multiple flank.yml files for each of them?For my case we have similar to you MR run, nighly run, regression run etc and I created and maintain multiple flank.yml files eg: flank-regression.yml, flank-mr.yml etc.Wondering if there is a better way.

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