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  • Five Blogs – 19 November 2019

    The (best) five blogs I read today. Check them out. From a newbie to a test automation rock star, vol. 3 Written by: Tihomir Babić The Test Pyramid Written by: Jessie Leung Your REAL Job Written by: Bob Marshall BDD: Writing an Automated Test Suite Isn’t Rocket Science Written by: Andy Macdonald Implementing Regression Test Automation to Reduce Risk Written by: Iwein Fuld Quote of the day: “What you learn at any given moment will assist and guide you on the path to where you desire to be” -Iyanla Vanzant You can follow this page on Twitter

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  • Beeing Or Working At Work?

    TL;DR What do you do more at work? Do you do more of none productive work, like procrastination or long coffee breaks, or you are actually contributing to the project?...

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  • CEWT #7 Abstracts

    The seventh Cambridge Exploratory Workshop on Testing, CEWT #7, will be on 23rd September 2018, hosted by DisplayLink. The topic isDirty Testing SecretsHere's the abstracts:Mark Bunce, The Secret of Machine LearningIf you believe the hype and media buzz you’d think we have well and truly entered a new evolutionary age of artificial intelligence.  Machine Learning is a hot-topic in many business domains and it is often seen as the magic wand that will quickly solve all problems.But how do “traditional” practices in software engineering fit with the challenges of delivering this new technology?  Mark will discuss his experiences of grappling with this problem, in particular the dirty testing secrets that evolved and why, when introducing a Machine Learning “Cognitive Investigations” solution that sought to replace the human decision making processes in the Anti Money Laundering operation of a global banking organisation.Aleksandar Simic, It's Not a SecretWhat makes a secret harmful for me, for us testers or for whoever relies on us? How can we reveal the secret? Can the revealed secret become a secret again?Karo Stoltzenburg, Testing in Half the TimeIt seems to me that half of the time, at least, we testers really are not needed; half of the time, at least, the testing we do really is unnecessary; and half of the time, at least, a tester in the team can actually risk destabilizing the team. In this talk I'll explain why and suggest that tester hubris is one of our dirty secrets.James Thomas, We Don’t KnowThere are[…]

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