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ספטמבר 2019

    חדשות מעולם הבדיקות

    • How to avoid missing a bug

      I found Kristin‘s article about how she forgot to retest a bug very funny. Not because it is a joke but because I recognised myself in her story. When others find a bug in 5 minutes, that were there just under my eyes during my one hour session, I cannot avoid feeling bad. And often, those bugs are not tricky ones, they follow a clear pattern, as if the tester would know where the bugs hide — which can be a developer, some developers are very good at testing.Bugs are gregariousWell, in fact, it is exactly how issues behave. Bugs follow predictable patterns: they like to hook to some behaviours or some modules in the product or some kind of features. When one of those actions or place reveal an unexpected behaviour, you can bet a cookie that you will find similar ones if you continue digging. And you will have a delicious breakfast next day. Same issue elsewhere, other issues near to the first one. Bugs, like zombies, feel stronger when they piece together. And when you think of it, this is obvious: the same bugged code can be called in several parts of the application. Some contexts are not well handled by some frameworks or browsers. (Please be patient, I’ll come with concrete examples in the last section.)The power of heuristicsThe fact to find patterns in bugs and to foresee, not with certainty but at least with confidence, a possible weakness in the context of an application has a name. It[…]

      19.09.2019 | 3:51 קרא עוד...
    • Five Blogs – 19 September 2019

      The (best) five blogs I read today. Check them out. How To Spot a Faker Written by: Matt Heusser If Strategy Is So Important, Why Don’t We Make Time for It? Written by: Dorie Clark 10 Brain Training Exercises To Boost Your Brain Power Written by: Michael Gornam What can testers and developers learn from each other? Written by: Lisa Crispin Testing in DevOps Written by: Matthew Bretten Quote of the day: “If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It is lethal.” -Paulo Coelho You can follow this page on Twitter

      19.09.2019 | 12:45 קרא עוד...
    • Don't No

      Don't No We've all been there: frustrated by a request from a stakeholder for what we take to be significant new work without regard for the scale of it, the time it would take, or the current backlog.Recently, a colleague in that situation and ready to scream "NOOOOO!!!!" asked for my advice. What I said boiled down to this: Step back and think of at least three ways that the request could be interpreted. Sketch rough ideas for how you could do each of them, at what cost, with what compromises.  Share them with your stakeholder to clarify their desires and help them to guide the next steps. This is essentially Jerry Weinberg's rule of three and orange juice test so I claim no great novelty here. What I do claim is that I feel a lot better when I follow these steps than when I instinctively reject some request based on poor assumptions and no conversation, landing myself in a needlessly defensive position.P.S. just to make this harder, don't forget that you could also be misinterpreting and underestimating requests that you say "yes!" to. It just doesn't usually feel so bad (at the time).Image: https://flic.kr/p/2etM44v

      19.09.2019 | 12:39 קרא עוד...


    • מבט מערכתי לבודקים – Systems Thinking
      מבט מערכתי לבודקים – Systems Thinking מבט מערכתי לבודקים – Systems Thinking התכונה או מערכת אותה אנו בודקים - אינה מנותקת משאר העולם, תיקון בנקודה אחת – עשוי להשפיע ולפגוע בנקודות אחרות, ולכן על הבודק להכיר את המערכת והקשרים בין חלקיה. כמו…
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    • לא יודע מה לבדוק?
      לא יודע מה לבדוק? לא יודע מה לבדוק? עצור,  קח הפסקה קלה, ענה על השאלה:   "למה אני בודק?"   טיפים מחברי ITCB-AB
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